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The material and downloads provided via this website are developed by STR, 20KTS+ and a number of other contributors

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This website supports the HSC community by focussing on Human Centred Design (HCD) and Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

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To enhance both performance and safety – whilst protecting health and reducing the risk of injury

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About the HSC HFE Design Guides

The original and new supplement

The original High Speed Craft (HSC) Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Design Guide was published in 2008 and won the Seawork International Innovation Showcase award for the Vessel Design & Construction category. Subsequently it has gone on to become a standard reference for HSC design and procurement..

In the seven years since it’s release the development of science and technology relating to HSC design and operation has continued at a rapid pace. Therefore it has been possible to develop a supplement to the original Guide to disseminate current best-practice to enhance HSC performance and safety.

The aim of the Guide is to be a practical reference for Designers to use as they develop new HSC and retro-fit systems in existing / legacy HSC. We welcome feedback on the original Guide, and this supplement, so as to continue its future development to support the HSC Community.

Dr Trevor Dobbins
STResearch (STR), UK

Developing A HSC Capability

An effective opertional capability requires the seamless integration of a number of factors
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Human Factors Integration (HFI) / Human Systems Integrations (HSI) is the overarching programme that integrates the human and the system. New developments in Human Readiness Levels (HRL), analogous to Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), are supporting the integration requirement.
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Human Factors Engineering (HFE) is the focus of the downloadable HSC HFE Design Guides that this site supports. It’s application within Human Centred Design (HCD) is essential for developing useable systems within the harsh HSC operating environments.
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Training is essential for developing crew competence and proficiency. The poor application of HFE results in an increased training time requirement, cost and risk – in addition to reducing operational capability.
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Delivering an effective operational capability is the culmination of the effective application of HFI / HSI, HFE and Training.

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THE HSC HFE DESIGN GUIDE SUPPLEMENT : released to the world on 16th February 2016

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